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Letra de Every Getto
Artist: Nas f/ BlitzAlbum: StillmaticSong: Every Ghetto (Bonus Track)Uhh... yeah... uhh...[Verse 1: Nas]Blessings of life to the children, they say life is like five daysWords of a old man with silver hair, in his wheelchairHis eyes were bloody while describin what lies before meSaid evil bitches and jealous men would try to destroy meIt occurred to me, this old nigga's words couldn't be realerI'm on top now, slightest drama, I'll have ta kill yaCause animals sense weakness, sharks smell blood in waterIshmael, Moses and Job knew the divine orderShit is plastic material, havin' no lifeI crash whips and leave it no matter the priceAs long as I survive, cop a new fiveCircle the block where the beef's atAnd park in front of my enemy's eyesThey see that it's war we life stealers, hollow-tip lead bustersThere's no heaven or hell - dead is dead fuckersAnd your soul is with God, your mind keeps lurkin the earthWatchin your own murder reoccur[Chorus: repeat 2X]For ever struggle, every strip, and every ghettoFor every nigga totin inner pain and heavy metalFor every child that's born, and every nigga goneAnd for every breath I breathe and live to see another mornin[Verse 2: Blitz]It's Blitz nigga the streets glory many die for meGot knocked, refused 3 to 9's, went to trial for meBasically I'm just reality, loaded with foul stories of lustGreed and contempt, no street is exemptExtended clip shots, hoods barricaded for 6 blocksI sip shots, watchin em hustlers pitch rocksOil paintin pictures of my pain, illustrate the city in vainFallin deep into the pits of the gameThis is for the sickest state of mind, in these fatal timesVest crimes, nickel-plated nines and niggaz for the dimeHear the sounds of them babies cry, still I'm sayin why do we resideIn the ghetto with a million ways to dieStayin high to relieve the pain, breathin in the gameExhalin guilt sin and shame, misery and strainWhat the fuck will tomorrow bring; luck or anthraxI stand back, hopin I'll make it through tomorrow[Verse 3: Nas]My skin is a art gallery, right - with paintings of crucifixesHopin' to save me from all the dangers in the music businessWas once a young gangsta hangin' with youth offendersBut since I tasted paper it started losin the friendshipsWatchin' kids freeze in winters, they still poorHow could I tease them with Benz's and feel no remorseDrivin' past them in the lively fashion, diamond colors clashin'Red stones, blue stones, red bones and black onesFuck did I expect with bucket seats in a LexAnd spendin' time in Chuckie Cheese with Little DesGot guns when I'm with my daughterHate to bring a violent aura in her presenceShe knows what daddy taught her, it's lessonsBlack princess it's a ugly worldI put my life up for yours, see I love that girlCould you believe even my shadow's jealousMy skin is mad at my flesh, my flesh hates my own bonesMy brain hates my heart, my heart makes the songsThough my songs come from the FatherI'm lonely...Hold me, it's gettin' darker[Chorus] - repeat 2X