Letra de All Is A Game
Do you wake up and lie there
and think it through?
is the weight of your own life
too much for you?

it all is a game
you forgot to play
you did

woke up an hour after the clock
remembered the details
and wanted to stop
the stakes in my life
are going so far up
that my fingers are like
haven't you had enough

but first i gotta find money
i gotta get lunch
tell me something funny
coz i'm cracking up
and later when i see stars
i'll know i'm alright
i go scary far
from the dark to the light

the stove is open coz it's cold
got a stack of possessions to be sold
there's a hallway to a doorway
to a room that you're in
and in there all day
the wall are you say
the sky's whatever you say