2010 UK Rap Up Letra


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Letra de 2010 UK Rap Up
So for the second time Skillz I need to shout at you my friend
Cause that time of year has come around here again
Plus a bunch of people round from my ends are telling me
They want the UK rap up for 2010
Now N-DUBz campaigned for bullying to quit
Until Dappy's voicemail of him bullying a chick
Though they proved it wasn't time up yet
With 3 number one albums in a row, that defines success
The Plan B's in need of a celebration
For real, his whole years been reeking of elevation
From movie screens across the nation
To having kids who can't read search for the meaning of defamation
This year a lot of decisions were hard to make
Like who's a better singer? Cher Lloyd or Chardonnay
Haye versus Harrison actually got us hype
Until we watched it like, wait, this is actually not a fight
It looked wrong like my chipped up teeth
It lasted about as long as that Lowkey and Chipmunk beef
The underground handed back packs
And while Giggs proved critics wrong
And showed them all what the cat dragged in
As for Englands performance at the World Cup
The way them man played, it felt like they never even turned up
Who else felt Rooney should have stepped aside for good?
Instead this fool got caught doing the Tiger Woods
George Micheal? drinking and driving
And I'm telling you as if that's surprising
We learnt most are messy with their business
And also to never introduce John Terry to the missus
Before Wikileaks were trying to bring the truth
Charlie Sloth was blasting off with them Fire in the Booths
Salute to you for showing talent matters
As long as you promise to never invite? rappers
The Pope paid a little visit
That cost the country 20 mill and most are still waiting for the visit
? the voice on that girl was annoying as hell and made you want to poisen yourself
She still gained respect from most people
And big up to Rinse FM for going legal
There's a Royal Marriage on the way
But I swear there's more excitement at the fact it means we get another Bank holiday
Before that great news from Kate and William
Who remembers giggling to Caramels no chicken wings
You see KG or Marston, thank them, they had us all laughing at Shadrack and The Man Dem
While independant artists struggled to make a wager,
MP's like David? were making paper
We learnt even politicans twist there rules
The same year we found out being a dickheads cool
Finally Big Brother is disappeared now
I say that like that's something we really care about
The truth is, we'll just have to face it
Cause even those who hate it, were trapped in the X-factor matrix
Everyone has gon nuts and washed up
Them autotune and miming fiasco's didn't stop much
I should be making this up
But ironically Ironik found twitter to be the pain in butt
Dubstep blazed the competition, everybody and their Gran knows the words now to Katy on The Mission.
While Magnetic man got the peoples love too
Pro Green showed he was a Monster in the jungle.
That's gotta mean that's he's big
Man you see what he did with that next level 360 vid
How that was done still baffled me
But not as much as Mobos getting rid of the DJ category
Sov felt that it was time that she came out
Ireland was in need of a financial bailout
England won the cricket 'cause Pakistan were paid to lose
And it's true a lot of rappers started making moves
From what I saw though, this guy was everywhere
So we can't deny that '010 was Tinie Tempah's year
The kid was living large, he made us Pass Out and then get Frisky
As if it was Written In The Stars
Plus he bought Labrinth out the background
Which truly let the sun shine with clear skies no ash cloud
Even Simon Cowell had to respect his vision
Signed him up with no need for reality television
Award for most twitter beef besides a lot of laughter
Well that's got to go to Grimes God-Father
He made the net go a little bit wild
Even more so when he uploaded them zip files
And while people joined Twitter cause of Wiley
Skepta got the go ahead to introduce Diddy on a grime beat
Tinchy still remains kosher
He bought the big players on the field then showed us it's Game Over
While Craig David was still taking time out
Ricky Hatton got caught doing the Amy Winehouse
And speaking of snow, that hit us hardcore
And became more reliable than public transport
Aggro Santos was eating kangeroo meat
I mean on TV and it really was a kangeroo's meat
?, award to Jessie J for breaking through to show us all
She can Do It Like A Dude
From independant turning major
Now she's bout to do more damage then the Peckham terminator
And yeah there's more but before that gets me sidetracked
R.I.P Gregory Isaacs
Remember Lethal B and NDubz were beefing
Like Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan via tweeting
Shout to Naomi Campbell
Believe there's an unbe-weavable award that I've got to hand you
The hung parliament formed a coalition
Clegg bent over and Cameron took position
And now the Government has plagued us with madness
There cutting all the funding but raised up the taxes
They should've known we wouldn't go quiet
No wonder student demonstrations turned into some full blown riots
We had to act colder, cause them cutting benefits were messed up
And that's word to Wagner's bad shoulder
When people said Ayo from the family couldn't rap
Devlin definitely put Dagenham on the map
And D Double's name flocked the streets like the pigeons
When he dropped the Street Fighter riddim, hold tight
As for the World cup bid we sent the 3 lions
To learn it's either big rig or someones been lying
I hope Susan Boyle inspired some people
She did something that ain't been done since the Beatles
Look out for Mystrogen the album you'll be getting from me
You know that's bound to get a mention
Cause now we're at the end
And shout to those that I'm forgetting
Welcome to 2011.