Superstitious Predictions Of Misfortune Letra



Letra de Superstitious Predictions Of Misfortune
Superstitions remained for centuries.
Journey into men' fears.
The darkest hallucinations of the middle ages.
Still burns in the witches' hearts.
Soothsayers foresee misfortune.
In crystal balls of lies.
Holy scriptures predict a holy war.
Safeguard of Armageddon.

Cross your fingers.
Knock on the wood.
Don't walk under a ladder.
Avoid a black cat.
Make safe the life.

Damned mongers of fate.
Cursed me in disgrace.
Amuse with my credulity.
Command over my destiny.

Fear of the dark makes one see.
Things that the reason doubts.
Irrational fear of the unknown.
Ignorance is as sacred as lies.
A shade is reflecting in the evil eyes.
Someone is falling in misfortune.
Crucifixes and holy water.
May fate save me from its wrath?.

Break the crystal ball to break that spell.
You don't need those lies to escape from Hell.