Beyond The Rivers Of Hades Letra



Letra de Beyond The Rivers Of Hades
A river separates the living world from the dead world.
I'm the one who ferries the souls onto underworld.
Mention river's name in vain... Drink the water from Hades.
Dare to cross Styx The stormy river of hate.

A sad mood runs along the river and through the woods.
Open the tomb of the mysteries of Dante's fantasy?.

Drown in Acheron. The river of woe.
Drown in Cocytus. The river of lamentation.

Beyond the Rivers of Hades.
Sail into the water of doom.
Beyond the Rivers of Hades.
Vanish in the spooky gloom.

Scourged by infernal flames.
the ambitions in life.
Vice still burns.
Suffering is the price for my sacrifice.
Remembrance returns.

Drown in Lethe. the river of forgetfulness.
Drown in Phlegethon. the river of fire.

I am dust and to dust I shall return.