Caerimonia Sanguilentu Letra


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Letra de Caerimonia Sanguilentu
trois-echelles, charles ix's magician, was accused of witchery by inquisitors he confessed to the king that he given himself over to a demon who enable him to perform prodigies he asked to the king: "am I forgaven?" the king forgave him for his misdeeds but if he had a relapse the king promised his cure on the gallows he did a relapse and was hanged in due course he swore to the king avenge by the uncontrollable power of black magick a malign disease will abate king charles ix the years were going and now the king is on his dying bed praying against death on the twenty eighth day of may fifteen seventy four near the dying hour, the king consults necromancers about his disease he said:"remedy or magic either will be able to cure me!!" the necromancers examined charles ix and were troubled with him they think the king was bewitched by a malign work (goetia) only the bloody ceremony can reveal the cause of disease but there's hardly chance to king can recover the necromancers perform a ceremony at midnight in the presence of the king a young jew is brought all dressed of body linen prepared to communion on an altar in which the image of satan treads on a crucifix a necromancer consecrates two black and white hosts the white host is given to the jew after he is thrown at stairs from the altar and is decaptated by necromancer now his head is placed upon the black host on the paten the demon is invoked to answer through jew's head the necromancer asks to charles ix to put a question mentally to the head a moment of panic and expectation the dead lips agitate and say:"vim patior" finally the answer is given also mentally to the king who falls to back and shouts:"remove this head from here now!!!" on the following day at dying hour, the king repeats those words said by him in the ceremony in the hands of death, he sweats blood and dies trois-+chelles' prediction was accomplished