An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book Letra


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Letra de An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book
My Black Book Of Demon's Doctrine Writing In Latin On Fine Paper And Bound In Leather My Diabolic Parchment With Some Cabalistic Symbols, Magic Circles And Sortileges My Precious Book Which I Use To Do My Exhortations And A Variety Of Black Magick Rites To Satisfy My Excitations And Carnal Pleasures Immoral Book Of Conspiracy With Satan Two Candles Of Human Fat Illuminate My Altar The Great Omnipotent Goat Sits On The Pentagram In My Left Hand A Magick Sword Of Black Handle And On The Table A Golden Chalice With Blood My Satanic Ritual Is Beginning In My Prophane Ceremony Of Submission To The Evil I Perform It Dressed As The Devil My Disciples Devote Themselves To Terror, Joy And Sensuality I Prepare The Hosts Of Communion With Flour, Excrements, Pus And Blood Of Menstruation They Use It As Artificial Anus And Vagina They Copulate It Ferociously Shouting That They're Sodomizing Jesus And Deflorating The Virgin I Recite The Words Of Spell From My Black Book Of A Lost Time A Sacrifice To The Omnipotent My Satanic Ritual Has Just Begun Crumbing The Consecrated Host And Blaspheming Yhvh Mandrake Root, Juice Of Aconite And Unholy Water Are My Artifacts Profanation And Bestiality By The Face Of The Unholy Majesty And By The Beasts In Front Of The Throne I Conjure Them Oh Princes And Demons Of Darkness Lucifer, Bacchus, Sucubus, Astarte, Incubus And Belphegor I Summon You!! I Know That You Are Here!!