A Chant To The Goddes Of Love - Venus Letra


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Letra de A Chant To The Goddes Of Love - Venus
when thou startest to shine in the east early in the morning my eyes sparkle like diamonds with great anxiety to see thee then thou risest wonderfully my eyes flow that holy human water. the nectar of the gods in thy reverence please, don't think that my tears are snares to catch thee i do would like to imprision thee in a bottle to have the pleasure of contemplate thee every morning to live my last days under thy care the mindless ones try to profane thee they are caught in the web of ignorance whose the net of threads they will never be able to get rid of for the joy of few thou hastn't degenerated becoming our vice, our food, our water, our blood, our hope, ourselves turn thy face to earth, cast us a merciful look, enlighten these poor children lost in this vale of misery thy worshippers chant in adoration thou art immortal imagine if the women were like thee thou art immortal perhaps the earth could be a good place to live thou art immortal who created thee was with the dirty hands thou art immortal of blood, milk, sugar and oil thou art immortal thou art red meaning blood and life thou art immortal thou art white meaning pureness thou art immortal thou art sweet meaning goodness thou art immortal thou art black meaning the occult i neither wanna put thee to sleep with my song nor catch thee in the bottle i love thee and want thee free freedom is the essence of our eternal love we know the secret of immortality please, never leave me alone in this dark and sorrowful world o great magickal agent of my dreams who inspirest me and enlightenest me rise up, express thy internal and external attributes be red, white, sweet and black i wouldn't hesitate in choose thee the most beautiful among the goddesses remove thy veil - the clouds. show us thy face and grace