Beelzebuth Letra



Letra de Beelzebuth
i'm black as the night
i'm black as the death
i'm black as the other side of the moon
i'm black as the darkness

i'm their shadows
i'm the pulse of their hearts
I pump blood through their bodies

I can feel their breathings
I can touch in their hearts
I can take possession of their souls
I can feel the fear in their eyes

i'm the black fallen angel of the plague
flies attack!!!
kill them all!!!

i'm the prince of demons
the lord of flies
i'm karma of the human beings
i'm a fever without cure

do you know what you say?
do you wanna die?
you will die!!!
in nomine deum nostri satanas
i'm not a fever
i'm the lord of flies!!!
the prince of demons
no fever... the lord!!!
no, i' don't agree with you
you will die!!!