Fucking In The Name Of God Letra


Fucking In The Name Of God - Ep

Letra de Fucking In The Name Of God
[Music by Mantus & Mysteriis / Lyrics by Agares]

Smothered so cruelly by faith,
I see your desire retracted.
Edging on the bodily zenith,
your tears won't embody regret,
But the time you lost in
the time space midst the stars.

Adjoining the tree of the hangèd,
I try to free with death the pain
of having seen my youth go by,
for you should be the seed that travels
with the winds to your impetus that
shall sprout to then bear fruit

Your purity, abstinence and
a god that preachèd celibacy,
after flowing through my hands
and having tasted of your body,
before concealèd by black attire,
only bear hate and regret for
your naiveté in thinking that
the virtue of your body
could bring you closer to Elysium.

From the sense of taste god gave me,
I sip the semen produced by me
in my hands and felt how sweet
the taste of love was on my tongue.

From the smell that by that godly glory
was to me conceived,
I felt the odour of the purest consummation.

You felt your body quiver stronger
than when stroked by the holy spirit.
you felt your body diffuse in pleasure
as if being celebrated by angels.
I showed you love as virtue and
not sinful as your god suggests.

From touch to me presented,
I could feel the untarnished
beauty of my body from within and from without.

The hearing of my perfect self
well beloved sweet music played by me in flashes of
desire and moaning like cold howling
wolves in hails to the moon.

You felt the strength of passion
with your hands so dear.
How could a sole deed be so dire to your verve?
Come to me and I will show you how yielding and fair
is my way and how wrong it is to say that I lead to evil

I am the power and the strength of humanity
and by the vision that your god granted,
I proved to you that the body and
the blood are mine, and your spirit so is mine!