Letra de She Ain't You
Nah, baby, she ain’t you,
See, what you do, she can’t do.
Nah, she can’t move like a stripper, sex like a porn star,
All night, then cook breakfast in the morn’, ma’
Uh-uh, she ain’t got your aura,
You are like J-Lo mixed with Camora.
Abort ship cause shine, but don’t flow shit,
Turn it on for me, when I’m gone you hit the over switch.
Gorgeous, skin so flawless,
And Lord, you just be pouring like a floor seat.
For low as this I’d be lost, miss,
Can’t picture that, can’t fit that in a portrait.
We never forced it, it just came naturally.
You told me come, it didn’t came after me.
I mean, you’re made for me, you have to be,
So tell that chick I’m gone when she asks for me.

I think I better let her go, can’t leave you alone.
Every day when I’m with her, all I want is you.
I wanna leave, but I’m afraid that you don’t even feel the same,
Now I realize that she ain’t you.