Letra de Remember
Baby, you send me high
Baby, you send me.

I remember, it was cold mid-November,
I entered this party, no agenda,
Then I saw her, so young and tender,
She gonna fight, but she gonna surrender.
I said “baby, I don’t wanna offend you,
But you’re bad and I just wanna commend you”
Where you’ve been, I swear I done search
My whole life for you, since my birth.
Every block, every club on earth,
She said “maybe you should’ve looked in church”
Then she cracked a little smile,
I loved the aura and she had a little style.
Sat down and we kicked it for a little while,
Know if I can get her to listen, you forget about it.
I told her, here, you can take my number,
You can give me a call if you wanna.
I said, nah, I don’t even want your number,
Is your turn, you already know I want you.
About a week later, chilling in the crib,
In my boxers, digging in the fridge
Still excited, fresh I’m on forbid,
Music blasting, listening to BIG
I get a text from a number I ain’t knowing,
The text said “how’d your search going?”.

Baby, you send me high
Baby, you send me.
Baby, you send me high,
Baby, you send me…

So hours turned to days, days turned to years,
Years turned to love, love turned to fears,
Fears turned to smiles, smiles turned to teats,
Through all the ups and downs we’re still here.
I still hear her voice when I wake up,
She’s still bad as hell with no make-up.
We don’t break up, we’re fighting like hell, though,
Do I ever think of leaving? Hell, no.
See, she love the nigger, I can tell, though,
That the love we got is for real, so
I take the victory and that just makes her care,
One of a kind, that’s just she’s so rare.
Anything she wear I swear she look mean in it
Life is chess and yes, she the queen in it.
She the mean in the cell, mate,
I hate it when she leave, love it when she hold me,
She told me “don’t just tell me you love me,
Show me, make me feel it when you hug me”.
Be there whether rainy or sunny,
Never put no one above me.

Baby, you send me high
Baby, you send me.