Letra de Mysonne's Room
Damn, baby, in a perfect world you would be the perfect girl,
You’re the most perfect thing in my imperfect world.
I’m so nervous, girl, cause I don’t wanna hurt you,
I love you more than anyone on this Earth do.
I know I don’t deserve you, you can do better.
Niggers see me with you, they’re like “where did you get her”?
I say “Heaven”, they say “then you better never let her get away, ever”.

But you know how us, men, do, we fuck up a good thing,
Risk our queens for some low hood thing,
Flirting on Facebook, Twitter or DM,
Telling some chick how you can’t wait to see ‘em.
Then you get caught, now you’re in the dog house,
Knowing your call sais nothing to talk about.
Then you go home, sleeping on your mom’s couch,
You did wrong, so you gotta hear your mom’s mouth.
Then she finally answer, let you back in,
Six months later, same shit again.
Fuck is what I’m doing, why am I pursuing
These nobody hoes in the process of ruin.

The best thing I ever had, I’m so confused, boo
I gotta change, if not, imma lose you.
I guess I’m just used to these bitches from hold up,
They only chase the richest and the stardom.
Never really have them, you can just buy them,
Until the next nigger with a low bed and car come.
I’m not done, imma get it together,
Oh, I keep forgetting, forever.