Letra de Motto
I said we went to see this club, fresh up toy boy
I had chicks in Italy say “mi amore”
Now I’m back to it all, will have to move in roll,
Pimp, hustle and rap, I do it all.
I clap and you applaud, I’m a dog and you’re careful,
I’m so realer than all these other rap dudes.
Got 4 tattoos, two in general,
You gotta excuse me, I’m a criminal.
So for that revenue I skip fat plan,
Bout to go see my man, he got yams,
He got white, he got ten,
Shawty got a fat ass, whoo-wee, God damn.
True P I am, I got hoes,
All around the globe, ten toes,
On the ground, these girls be nymphos,
So I fuck em in breeze, wind blows.
Now I’m doing pull-ups in the park, gym closed,
My man pull up to the club with ten hoes.
Oh, so no brain on, one named Dana
I got to exercise on my trainer.
Say she the baddest bitch, she like trainer,
Asked me to sit in some flicks like win, nah.
Not me, ma’, I don’t do no photos,
Two at a time, I don’t do no solos.
All I do is Louie, Gucci, Chewie and them polos,
I don’t know if imma do it to tomorrow, so is YOLO.
I be in the hood dolo, you already know, though,
Yanky snap back through religions and them polo.
And I’m on it every day, every day, every day,
See them niggers on the bench, dog, they don’t really play.
Every day, every day, fuck what anybody say,
We be getting to the money every day, real niggers gotta say.