Letra de Motivation
Baby, you’re the motivation for this fornication
Can’t stop, I’m the doctor, you’re my only patient.
You say “daddy, wait” , but I’m so impatient,
I don’t even wanna penetrate, I just wanna taste it.
I just wanna face it downtown, basement
When it’s time to climax, you don’t wanna waste it.
Ain’t nothing basic bout the way that we perform,
It’s like a war, when we finish, all the sheets is torn.
Neighbors banging on the wall cause you’re screaming
One pants’ leg is still on, cause you was finning
It’s hot and steaming, still got my tims on,
It’s like a work out, getting my gym on.
I got you bent on this couch now,
I’m going in and out real hard, you’re yelling “ouch” now.
I let it out now and I’m slowing down
But you’re my motivation to go another round.

And when we’re done
I don’t wanna feel my legs.
And when we’re done
I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby.
But you can’t stop it,
The music’s still playing in the background.
And you’re almost there,
You can do it, I believe in you, baby.
So close from here, baby, imma be your motivation.