Letra de Drank In My Cup
You won’t admit that I want you, but don’t need you,
That I fuck you and feed you,
I can please you, but when you get on his nerves I say ‘fuck you’ and leave you
But I come right back and you like that,
You fight with him and he won’t fight back
And you like the way that he pipe that
And when he hit the spot you say “like that”.
Right there, and he liked you,
Cause he know that he own that
He got the type that he go and get you so turned on and you know that.

You ain’t really try to fall in love, though,
You just got a thing for them thugs, though,
Even though you know the nigger’s trouble
You’re addicted to that dick just like his drugs, though.

You want play with the fire and I get burned,
You know a lot, but there’s a lot you can learn,
You been with a lot of dudes, but they’re not me, so I’m not to concern.
I’m a different breed, see, I move at a different speed
So if you wanna do it to you give a tee
Then yeah, you will gonna get with me.