Letra de Beat The Pussy Up
First I eat the pussy up, then I beat the pussy up,
She gonna scream it’s too big, she gonna need to push me up.
She telling me to stop, but I’m not gonna stop,
Imma hit her from the back, then I’m back on top.
Imma pop that pussy like I’m over loop,
Do the ground, move around, girl, are you the truth?
You got the juice like Snapple, you got the snap back,
You’re the reason Adam ate the apple.
Uh, this pussy gotta be a sin,
Imma kill her now, but I gotta beat again,
And she said is so big that it gotta be a ten,
I laughed and said it’s ten and a half.
We went to get in a bath, we made a splish and a splash,
I made it moan and grown while I was hitting that ass.
You’re gonna learn today once you get in the class
So I put it bad, we’re back to getting that cash.

I beat the pussy up, up, up, up, up, up,
I beat the pussy up, up, up, up, up, up…