Letra de Imma Nigga
I am so mother fuckin bored
I am so fuckin bored
I am home alone and I'm bored
I am fuckin fuckin bored
And I'm home alone
And I'm smokin grass
Coz nobody's home

My mom's at work
And my dad's workin too, I guess
Monty's at work
No wait... playin Gurps

Shit I am bored
And I'm home alone
I am fuckin fuckin fuckin bored

God damn fuck fuck fuckity fuck
I don't sing lyrics
All I say is fuck
Coz Imma nigga!
A big fuckin nigga!
I'm a huge mother fuckin
Fuckin fuckin fuckin nigga

I'm just a nigga
A home alone nigga
I'm a fuckin home alone nigga
Nigga nigga nigga

That's about the end of my song