Letra de MC Raiders
Myndflame ? MC Raiders Yo, what up G? Lemme tell you about MC. You ain't got no life. You ain't got no friends. And I know you want to spend your weekend with 40 people you don't know, And some guy named Puff telling you what to do! "Oh hell yeah that's me, where do I sign up?" On the website! "Wow!" You can be a winner! "Eeeeeee!" We're MC raiders. We ain't got no lives. You ain't got to tell me about attunement, If you've got core fragments you've already been through it. Talk to the quest guy and jump through the hole and... give me your buffs so i can pull like a pro man. Let's go bitches. Olgra on the left, Thinktank on the right pull those big ass giants. "No mortal Strike!" Who pulled the surger with the core hounds? I think a hunter did, but he's dead now. Shut up noob, this is my song. Sorry! Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas and Garr, farm status players, have you got that far? Ok, who was the living bomb? I didn't know... Well congratulations, you win the dumbass award! (Sobbing)This is my first time! You're not 1337 enough for molten core. We're MC raiders. We ain't go no lives. You ain't got to tell me bout them epics. I just disenchanted one into a nexus. Shazzrah, Golemagg and Sulfuron, Another thunderstrike that nobody will roll on. "Paladins, Hunters, anybody?" "I am not wasting DKP on that piece of crap!" "OooK" Majordomo's chest, it's time for the fat loot. Will we get the Leaf or an Eye of Divinity. Why don't we have a Druid tank Rag? Hax! I've got 13000 AC! Nerf! Shadow form Ok? No! I'm gonna do it anyway. Hell no! We're MC raiders. We ain't go no lives. You guys suck! Start walking back.