Letra de Soul Searchin'
Abouttohit you with some real shhhh. Smooth and Mykill
Western HemisFear style. Vooodu on the track uh.

[Verse 1:]
Deep in the canals of the heart where all problems start
Where niggas that's real show how they feel
On this Earth 20 some odd years
Through the blood sweat and tears and all of my fallen peers
Through the vilence and violence how can I live
Through all these drive bys and nonsence
But it makes sense how I survive from 1974 to 1995
Through the grace of God I probably make it
Stayed drug free so my mind stays elevated
I must be presdestined for damnation
Through this firery nation I see the obliteration of my race and
We can't win for losing drug selling and using
Cops abusing us for doing the same thing white folks be doing
The prognosis of a diagnosis of a disease called melanin
Given to me by God the prescription is irrelevant
the symptoms are evident that I'm a black man
Half man half God, but steadily faceing harassment
Sexual molestation double murder and drug trafficing
Put together by a society to shut down the African

Yo check your egos at the door
And do a little searching of your soul can you feel me? [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Why do brothers smoke blunts and love to front?
And hump stunts and brag about all the chumps they punk
Do they figure they bigger if they pull triggers
Take a swig of the 40 and lie about smoking?
Please save that for the dramma coarse
What kind of man are smoking weed on your mama's porch?
Playa you ain't hard at all I'm appalled at your bullshhhh
Can you catch a bullet walk on water
Spit fire and resurrect yourself?
Uh ah didn't think so so yo check yourself
I need to check myself as well
Hell never been in jail but right now ain't livin' to swell
Dealt a card but I didn't play it right
Procrastinating of life and hanging out all night
And nothing to show but sleepy eyes
Hangin' out with the wrong tribe I need a different type vibe
Strive to survive in the wild wild west
Side kids I kicked it with have died
Seems like stress is on my mind or my mind is on stress
The best thing about stress is that I can sell it to the rest


[Verse 3:]
But you can't understand this process
I can't progress I'm jobless should I rob this bank?
Just to get some crubms in my wallet?
But I can't do time so how should I call it?
I got to learn to hustle see it's a struggle
See life is a trip and it gets real tough bro
And I don't know if I can preceed
I need weed, huh too many of my homies are deceased
And who will be the next to go?
I 'm sick of funerals I been to two in a row
And four more in six months
Why does life suck especially when I ain't got no bucks?


Yeah yeah Mykill 1995
Vooodu kickin' it live on the trizzack west coast baby