Letra de Half Hearted
Some things are better left unsaid.
This is the sound of silence.
You should learn to shut your mouth.

This is where you walked away.
The trust we once had only goes so far.
Where have your decisions left you?
There are no excuses.
You should have known.
Was it all worth it?
Take a look around.
Take a look at yourself.

You can only run from yourself for so long.
Maybe one day you'll change.
Maybe one day you'll find the truth
Because I promise you'll find nothing but regret from me.

Tell me, how do the lies taste in your mouth when you speak?
And how does it feel when they crumble beneath your feet?
Are you ashamed to know that we will go on without you.
You walked away from this, and now that you're gone we'll be better off.
Your selfishness has left you with nothing.