Tonight's The Night Letra

Mr. 3-2

The Governor

Letra de Tonight's The Night
(feat. H.A.W.K., Big T)

[Mr. 3-2]
Let's get it started get it popping, g-strings get to dropping
Go on work your money maker, let me see that ass dropping
These broads be bopping, when they see me on dubs
Pulling up big body, valeting at the club
What it is what it was, pimping what it's gon be
Some dranks and conversation, now she going home with me
It's extasy, Mr. 3 to the 2 that's right
Skip this club that you at, and put this thug in your life
Tonight is the night, girl call it like you want it
Now boss it I'ma flip it, I'm all up on it
Some'ing petite, sexy and sweet but pretty sweet
I like 'em jazzy, classy and nasty under the sheets
A dog in heat, and we can do it all night long
While I get it and fit it, up in it like a thong
Wrong or right, do what you like you call it
It's your world, so go on get it started

[Hook: Big T]
Tonight's the night, leave the club with hype
To have a freaky party
Put a thug in your life, we could do it all night
Get crunk, let's get it started
(do what you like, baby shake it let me see the merchandise
Mama what you working with between the thighs
Looking like you can do it all night, that's right)

Do what you like
Shake that ass, to the left and to the right
Only like it, if the pussy is tight
When you sucking, make sure you don't bite girl that's right
And tonight is the night, I'm gon freak with all you hoes
Get naked, go on take off your clothes
You going home, with no panty hose
That's the way it goes
Real playas get chose
Open your legs, and watch the pussy get drove
Got you hotter, than a motherfucking stove
You nibbling all, on my ear lobe
Bout to explode, I keep hitting hard
Have my penis, touching your spinal cord
Got you hotter, and screaming oh Lord
My game is sharper than a sword
I really don't bar, tonight is the night


[Mr. 3-2]
Now let's do it get to it, I ain't fin to play wit ya
Put it on video, and I'ma snap a couple pictures
For my partnas on lock, ass and titties and your cot
This freaky dude don't stop, busting nuts in her mouth
Governor of the South, I done told you that
Breaking in a broad back, call me the Fat Mack
Big pimp hoe layer, and I never ever pay her
My number one rule, is the game ain't fair
A yelling nigga with long hair, it ain't all about fucking
Plus I'm all about my money, a bitch can't tell me nothing
Bachelor for life, will I ever take a wife
Thug forever, steady trying to get my shit right
With a packet full of ice, and a piece that's clean and
Yellows carnails, and sweet Lac broads fiending
Steady juting scheming, all on the telly
And I'm working it well, that's what all of 'em tell me