Letra de Why
(feat. Playa Pat, Sic)

Most of my life I slung drugs, with G's and thugs
always quick to bust niggaz know what it was
I must come up in a major way
time tickin boys dyin'out here everyday
they say go get it and leave the game alone
but I eat from the street-fool the street my home
before I'm gone I gotta get a million plus
so I'm whippin up work gettin rid of this dust
no trust niggaz ain't shit no mo'
they'll leave ya ass stuck out behind these hoes
po-po's is slick plant somethin in ya ride
and have ya gone for a ten year ride
southside my nigga yeah the streets is hot
so I'm makin transacts at my low key spot
keep a glock automatic with extended clips
cause I ain't tryna hear that ole weak ass shit

[Chorus x2: 3-2]
Why can't I just live my life
without goin'thru drama every single night
can't trust nobody out here it's raw
gotta watch these niggaz, bitches, and laws

Sleep with one eye open, one eye closed
no telling what'll happen dealin with these hoes
you slip you got back up wide open
got straight white dot to all ya tokens
you smokin with niggaz almost everyday
when the motherfuckers plottin on where you stay
another day, another dollar of this trifflin shit
to keep from killin motherfuckers I just write some hits
stang my licks on the back streets of the hood
watch these laws cause they mean a nigga no good
keep grindin, steadily puttin somethin away
if ya not kill bill ain't no time to play
yeah pay what you owe never duck and hide
everything come to life when you tell them lies
look in my eyes don't you see nothin but real
like folks that go get e'm chasin a mill


I'm lookin for mine-you simple niggaz lookin to shine
made a stack or two and niggaz think they mastered the grind
and now you a don, gotta fiend to cop you a gun
gotta couple yes niggaz and now you ready to run
but fuck what you want the shit I speak is more then a song
I'm on the highway that's why I'm always gone
niggaz they talk I leave that kind of shit on the streets
pull ya money out nigga we can see who deep

[Playa Pat]
If it ain't one thing it's a motherfuckin 'nother
haters screamin out 'Playa'not realizin they suckers
tell me why can't I just live my life
without the drama or confusin (??)my life at me
so you don't have to wonder why I'm keepin my heat
it's better to die by fire then these bustas in these streets
we do the goverment my nigga fuck the police
until I get a decent answer let the chorus repeat sayin...

[Chorus: repeat 'til end]