Letra de Ride Down
(feat. Quest)

[Mr. 3-2:]
I sweep the block heat the block, with big lead
When the war die down, boys come home with missing legs
Amputated sho' hate it, but that's how it go
Some in body bags, with tags on they toe
You know how it go, when the shit pop off
The winter come in, and the birds fly South
Big boss, Mr. 3-2 the referee
Throw flags, on any foul shit I see
Enemies infiltrate, try to shoot states
But I'm heavyweight, number one out the gate
Straight make A-1, keep a loaded gun
Never back down to one, fools don't want none
Of this static, my automatic it never jam
Bitch boy hoe nigga, you know who I am
God damn, these niggaz and suckers is out of line
Play it with my time, yeah trick lay it down

[Hook: x2]
I ride down, (I ride down)
Ol' mark ass nigga, don't make me clown
Dance all over your face, that's it with mine
That's it with mine, that's it with mine

[Mr. 3-2:]
Let's see, with mine
I retaliate, and put hot ones in your spine
No hesitation, but nigga it go down
It go down, it go down, it go down, it go down
No time to fool around, or play with ya
Shots start barring, hollow tips hit ya
All in the ass, no messy sneaking
Heavily heated, damn fool I won't repeat it
Bleeding the block, pop up with choppers and AK's
Broad type niggaz, gon make my day
Say what you wanna, you know we'll shut it down
Heat in the streets, so gutter so underground
Hundred clip rounds, clear the whole hood
Go through boy doors, and fuck up house wood
Baby you really should, throw the white flag
The mo' I get mad, I'm all up in your ass

[Hook x2]

I ride down, on niggaz running they mouth like relays
Mastered ass double, like a instant replay
Bumping your gums, with that he say she say
Or get you merked round the turf, where Q-U-E stay
It's a glock 4-5, on your Q-U-E's waist
So I advise you marks, get out Q-U-E's face
Lay low, or nigga catch a hell of a halo
This tre blow, and have your blood spread like Mayo
Windshield to the head, neck roll and your face gone
That's how you die, on the level that I bang's on
Don't switch, try to come back to the team
Cause you see we getting green, money machines and the cream
Fine then pa, talk down if you want
Just know, that I'm the shit in the South
So get mad, take a dick in the ass
While Presidential, put the dick in your mouth bitch

[Hook x2]