Letra de Cashy Ashy
(feat. Cl'Che')

Yeah 3-2, baby you know it ain't nothing
That I wouldn't do for you, I'm a down ass bitch
You already know baby
However you want it, you can get it

[Mr. 3-2:]
Doing four play, with a down ass chick
She love to suck dick, swallow and don't spit
I hit from the back, slap her on her ass
With my rubber on, I tried to mash
Bumping fast I'm sweating, all in the bed
Flip you around, and get some dangerous head
What you said, then I bump harder
Hazel eyes, man she look like a model
Taught her how to ride it, and spin on a piece
But she ain't mine, she belong to the streets
Between sheets, girl you need to make a porn movie
Right before it's over, she done dropped in down the moody
Little cutie, that I picked up in the hood
Bomb ass pussy, fool she got the good
Understood, I ain't the one for handcuffing
But when you break a trick, bring a pimp back some'ing

[Hook: x2]
Naughty nasty, sexy and classy
Girl break a trick, and go get cashy ashy
(daddy give it to me, gon 'head and work it
Put it up in me, but please don't hurt me)

Cl'Che's so throwed, check her I get cashy ashy
Watch me jiggle-jiggle, cause I know you like it when it's nasty
I-10, 59-45 fuck it backseat
Roll the windows up, ain't trying to let 'em see
How I break a nigga down, from the Dirty Dirty Southside
H-Town to New York, and I'm knocking you down
G'eah g'eah, you already know
Lil' mama's gotta go, so beat this pussy up some mo
(how many more Cl'), three or maybe even two
So tell me now, is that some'ing that you can't do
So I can holla at number one number two, number three or number fo'
I got this pimp shit and handcuffs, (you know)
I said fake bitches front, like they don't fuck around
But when you know your shit good, it's hard to calm yourself down
I'm a bad bitch, I mean a throwed lil' mama
And my pussy's so off the chain, it causes too much drama I'm naughty

[Hook x2]

[Mr. 3-2:]
Hot and wet, with a seasoned vet that go hard
In the hotel room, or in the back of the car
With ya play toys, baby girl be ready
To snatch tricks feddy, getting wild and sweaty
I said it yeah I meant it, let your mind go free
Having orgasms, off extasy
Let me see, you ride it like a motorbike
Nonstopping all night, on first class flights

I stay naughty nasty, fucking till I need some Aspirin
Don't need to pop a X, cause my secretions fully blasting
You wanna see me ride it, like a motorbike
Then I wanna see you throw me on your shoulders, and lick it right
So daddy give it to me, you gon 'head and work it
You flip me all around, I ain't tripping if you hurt it
Trick a lot of do'dy, and we can act a little fully
Cl'Che and 3-2, is on that naughty nasty do it yeah

[Hook x2]