Letra de Better Dayz
(feat. Billy Cook)

[Billy Cook:]
Better days better days, better days
I'm trying to be here, for a while fa sho
(better days-better days), can't wait for the day
To make a million mo'
Just so I can take my family, out of the ghetto-ghetto-ghetto

[Mr. 3-2:]
Most of my life, I struggled and hustled to get cash
Open my head, but I stay on the mash
Stressing growing grey hair, guess I'm getting wiser
Stay one deep, don't mess with these guys
Why do I lust, for the almighty dollar
Born a true hustler, never ever do I follow
Gotta watch these snakes, cause they be no good
Most of my niggaz I know, is trapped in the hood
On the grind, some of us is all we know
Gotta shine, my nigga I gotta get this do'
No matter what, cause bills just keep on coming
Tired of being on blocks, laws got me running
Gotta be a better way, to make my bread
But I ain't trying to be, locked up or dead
That's what I said, and fool I put my life on that
I'm ready to kick back, and count up big stacks

[Hook: Billy Cook]
(better days), I'm trying to be here for a while so
It's not the way, I planned it no
Out here in these streets, running wild oh no

[Mr. 3-2:]
Can't wait for the day, that I'm blessed with a million or mo'
So I can take my whole family, up out the ghetto
Gotta grind won't quit it, won't stop till it's done
Hard work pay off, gotta get them funds
It's a sacrifice, when you out to achieve
The only way I'ma get it, if I bleed
All day all night, sometimes I can't rest
Got a whole lot of shit, on my mind and my chest
It get greater later, that's what everybody say
Just hope I can see it, 'fore I'm gone better days
All them, bad habits just hold you back
Temptations is a fool, with a baseball bat
Growing up, you see life in a different perspective
Learn it from your down falls, cause thangs get hectic
Feel my message, coming straight from the heart
Open your eyes, and don't live your life in the dark


[Mr. 3-2:]
Joy and pain, stuck in the game can't get out
Somebody always want, what the next man got
Never satisfied, we always filled up with greed
Instead of, focused on what we need
I believe there's something better, when you pass away
Joining at the crossroads, on judgment day
Who's to say what's right, who's to say what's wrong
Live your life to the fullest, till the day you gone
Move on quit tripping, on your past lifetime
It's so much mo' to see, get your chance to shine
Move around, don't let these fools hold you back
Misery loves company, and that's a fact
Have stacks, loading up the vault with bread
Enjoy life while you can, cause you can't when you dead
Get ahead, moving up from stepping stones
Steady climbing up the ladder, until you full blown