Still Waiting Letra


Poison Garden

Letra de Still Waiting
Bathed in silver moonlight
the pain won't wash again
the waves crash in deep within
but the memories remain
the feelings i held deep inside
the tears i cried were true
gave to you my everything
i just wasn't enough for you

beauty lies in imperfection
was i so naive
your beauty liled in my direction
why did i believe
with all the ghosts that haunt your mind
through all the trials fight
with all the things that we went through
you knew i'd treat you right

drink myself into an oubliette
living on dreams i'll not forget
dreams of you, dreams of me
dreams are dreams you'll never see
at the ball we'll dawn the mask
and we'll never have to ask
at the ball still on the train
and i'm still waiting here in vain

(Thanks to raven for these lyrics)