Drums Explosion (Broken Heart Mix) Letra


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Letra de Drums Explosion (Broken Heart Mix)
How are you?
I feel fine like I had never ever felt...
... So I`ll celebrate,
For you to remenber this hour,
Or our best hours together.
(With hand grenades and purple poison I`ll live my life as in a dream)

So you will say,
That I shouldn`t follow
The beats of my sincere wings.
I`ll live today.
I don`t worry about tomorrow.
I live so intensily!

Yeah you woke up.
A naked version of a sad portrait.
You are the artist on this silly game
Bring me better hopes,
Easy solutions written on your last essay.
(The good old days are gone for you)

So run away of this sorrow as if the things would change by itselves.
To live today waiting for a better tomorrow, there is not such a chance.