Westwood Is A Twat (Allegedly) Letra

Mind Bomb

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Letra de Westwood Is A Twat (Allegedly)
[L - Loz, R - The Ruf, B - Both]


[Tim Westwood:] "Getting the session into E-F-X, with me, Westwood"
[Eazy E:] "Shut the fuck up"
[Tim Westwood:] "It's about that time"
[Eazy E:] "Get the fuck outta here"

[Ice-T:] "Prepare...for a true nightmare..."

[Verse 1]

[B:] Ahhhhhh...let's fuck it up now...
[R:] Cos enough is enough
[L:] Hear the lyrical assault from the brother called Ruf!
[R:] Shakin' up the scene cos no other would dare
[B:] Fuck Westwood!!!
[R:] We said it and meant it, now where's your DJ skills, man?
[L:] Your accent, for real man?
[R:] You don't slam, man
[L:] With your U.S. jams, man
[R:] Hip-hop forgotten as you follow your trends
[L:] Swingin' in the Jungle, where will it end?
[R:] Deny your culture with sad fake slang
And cling on, on American arses you hang
You don't impress me
[L:] You cannot test me
[R:] I'm runnin' round defences like I was George Best, see?
[L:] US copycats? We're no sad twats
[R:] So take that pow! in your face like Naseem
Can you battle that?
[L:] Nothin' but pure facts
[R:] We've shat on your credibility
[L:] Scene is small in the U.K
[R:] You don't support us
[L:] You just haunt us
[R:] Never will flaunt us
So what we gonna do, Loz?
[L:] Lyrical dissection
Got to find a cure for a weird infection!
[R:] Symptoms?
[L:] Kids, idolizing the wack, man
[R:] Brainwashed brothers seem to think that he's phat, man
Believin' all the jingles, he can't even scratch!
[B:] Mindbomb's better
[R:] Mark One now scratch the truth... [KRS: "Number One"]
[B:] He can't compare, so Westwood...

[Ice-T:] "Prepare...for a true nightmare..."

[Verse 2]

[L:] Timmy Timmy Ha Timmy Ho I say
[R:] Please will you please play my records today?
[L:] People think you're phat
[R:] Most think you're dreadful
[L:] Kids walkin' around with a fucked up head full of
[B:] Misconceptions, false pretensions
[L:] Hip-hop's worldwide, not just American
[R:] Stop your skemes, I will not change
Or rap about guns just to get paid
[B:] Blade cuts deeper
[R:] Slowly bleedin'
UK rap dyin', nobody's heedin'
The truths, the youth who put on voices
Actin' American
[L:] Big up your boyfriend
[R:] When I'm still sellin' records I know I'm rated
Sell many more, some people won't play this
You got to innovate cos if no-one cares
You better...

[Ice-T:] "Prepare...for a true nightmare..."

[R:] Cos you know what, Loz? Some people just can't handle this, man.
[L:] These people don't even know.
[B:] Listen party people as they drop the Mark One scratch...

[Eazy E: "Get the fuck outta here" scratch]

[Verse 3]

[B:] Stop suckin' rappers cocks!
[L:] Enough is enough
[R:] It's makin' us vomit so we say
[B:] Fuck Westwood!!!
[L:] All over his guests like a teenage groupie
[R:] Obviously fake like Paul Daniels' toupe
[L:] Limited selections of platters that matter
[R:] Repetitive shit and their heads get battered
[L:] Over and over, play the same old tunes
[R:] We're underground demanded but there ain't no room for us
[L:] in a four page essay
[R:] Look at facts kids
[L:] Check the resume!
[R:] Quality
[L:] Quantity
[R:] Releases
[L:] Original
[R:] Turntable madness
[L:] Messages subliminal!
[R:] Technics shiver
[L:] Needles might break
[R:] Loz on the beat, now Ruf rhymes rate highly
[L:] Entirely
[R:] pure dope ability
[L:] Athletical
[R:] Verbal
[L:] Gymnastical
[R:] Agility
[L:] Shows get wrecked
[R:] Stages destroyed
[B:] Mindbomb professional
[R:] No weak-willed toys
Play at your peril
[L:] Westwood's too scared
[R:] He should...

[Ice-T:] "Prepare...for a true nightmare..."

[Rakim:] "Get off the mic before it get too hot"
[LL:] "What I say is for real, this ain't la-la land"

[Rakim:] "Drop the mic" [Rakim:] "Don't waste your time"
[Rakim:] "Drop the mic" [Rakim:] "Don't waste your time"
[Rakim:] "Drop the mic" [Rakim:] "Don't waste your time"
[Rakim:] "Drop the mic, you shouldn't be holdin' it"

[Eazy E: "Shut the fuck up"]
[?:] "Heard me on the radio, now the tables turned"
[KRS:] "You are wack"
[Audio 2:] "Tell you to your face, you ain't nothin' but a faker"
[?:] "You'll sit there, lookin' dumb, it seems you forgot where you came from"
[Triple-M Bass:] "I mean, how much can one country possibly take?!!!"