(Dormouse Sighs) Letra



Letra de (Dormouse Sighs)
[Brighter days, whiter painted graves
Under Idaho sky set to roadside attraction prayer]
SANSEVIERIA: Traveling where the trains will?
BURNING BOOKS: To Gainesville
[one turning, looks in semicircles] Lies!
SANSEVIERIA: Have a little decency and time to kill?
BLUEBIRD [on a branch]:
Unpromised land!
[DORMOUSE sighs]
The avalanche of sadness!
Of untied strange commands
As symbols on their hands, now stored on foreheads!
How concerned with unsubstantial terms
And turns of circumstance…[etc.]

LITTLE LAMB: Before the day is done
My prince is gonna come

Ye winged seraphs fly, bear the news
With loud and joyful cry
Boys with nothing left to lose?
NIKOLAI VOLKOFF [in Croatian muffin hat]:
Bridal shoes a birthright--
Child of the Ephraimites!
Not quite prepared to speak right--
Or sleep well with how well we sleep at night?
BLUEBIRD [outside door]:
Mating rights secured
LAMBS: [w/ best attempts to keep themselves warm]
A toast to all we’re meant for!

[withhold details of West Virginia highwayside]

LITTLE LAMB: Before the day is done
My prince is gonna come

BURNING BOOKS: Fire and a flood
There’s power in the blood
Of every little lamb
Wonderworking power