Letra de East Enders Wives
We met by chance by the row river sign
Our soft fire danced as our tea leaves dried
She hatched our plans in the atmospheric times
Said, “Let's give up sacrifice this land
Well, that joke's long, it's been spent"

Before the bagpipes played
We kept cool in the parasol shade
Your gum on my pain at my tender age
East enders wives

And hidden in the fox thorn blind
We grew old as the fox trailed by
Sheep in the cold shielding our gold
Sipping on milk and water like

She packed our bags on arbitrary times
And waved like a flag from the white star line
On more than will though I self-apologize
We both been untrue but I'm still counting on you
Like an invisible rosary

And as the past and all plans are undone
Slowly sank like a shipwrecked sun
Ridges and ropes, burning man throats
Burned up the sky

Fires hang as the black birds fell
Sorrow rang like the church-yard bells
And as the trees smoking living
And all our dads died