Letra de D-Minor
A borrowed fern w/ a cigarette burn & a pawn shop ring in her hand
at the Idaho courts to affirm our divorce before the marriage began
in a celery boat singing triangle notes to a horn from the military band,
the spectreworks c/o Pepper & Dircks’ Bargain Ghost and Haunted Man
We awkwardly shielded the curious eyes of innocent pines from the forest floor
From the frying pan of a celibate man to the fires of the premature
who could ask for nothing more?
we’re a unshrunk patch on a tear of the edge (x2)
we’re a campaign badge, the short-lived match
of an unshrunk patch and the bellows’ edge
on the iron lungs of our language

A by-now acquired fern with a cigarette burn
in a basket with a (rectangle) note on the bedroom floor:
They repaired my fence, those bastards,
I can’t go back home no more save a roundabout way
unto each day is sufficient misfortune thereof
with which to spend in proportion to your modest pay
while shopping around for a word like ‘love.’
--With obedient trust as a babe in the womb,
impeccably chaste as a priest in the tomb
with a Deadwood map and a dynamite hat
I’ll come back to Idaho soon,
harmless as a Danish cartoon

This is not the first time God Has died (2x)
This is no the first time [capitalized, 3-lettered sound] has died
This is not the first time, This is not the first time