Letra de Fig With A Bellyache
The Camel in the desert took a ship across the lake
While the Fish in search of water found a Fig with a bellyache
Who overheard the waves as they headed for the shore:

We're not so sure of separations anymore!

At the Caterpillar picnic Brother Butterfly stole a rhubarb stem,
Licked and dipped it in the sugar bowl
Caught out for Massachusetts in a double-stack train
Through the Adirondacks, spinning like a weathervane
Gathering & cutting & splitting & stacking the wood
Our fuel is neatly piled and we all feel good

We pretend to care and like we understand
Our eyes go soft, but know it now:
What we're thinking about's your mammary glands
And how to sail your birth canal

We found a pot to fit the lid, to
Know less now than when we were smarter did
Our thoughts are like a teabag on the saucer -
All the flavor gone

The Dog below our waist's aroused
As arms embrace the pretty Gals
But came much more as a surprise
It happening while I hugged the Guys!

We planted before the final frost and
Once were found but now we're lost
We've got a heckuva lot to learn
About remaining Taciturn