Letra de Allah, Allah, Allah
In everywhere we look,
Allah, Allah, Allah!

In everyone we meet,
Allah, Allah, Allah!

In every blade of grass,
Allah, Allah, Allah!

It doesn't matter what you've done...
What effect is without a cause?
So what does it matter what you think you've done?
Now, lay your faithless head down
In necessity's Cotton Hand
There's a Love that never changes
No matter what you've done

Or if your Old Man did you wrong,
Maybe his Old Man did him wrong
So if you'd care to sing Forgiveness songs
Come down and join our band
We'll cut you like a Sword
And sing Forgiveness songs

(Don't worry, it'll heal just fine!)

Everywhere we look,
It's all crazy!
It's all false!
It's all a dream!
It's alright