Letra de Flamethrower
It's the end of the morning
what have i done?
it's finally getting warmer
oh God what have i done?
prayers for your soul while hoping mine
would leave this awful place sometime
somewhere better with no more pain
you won't love him you'll love me again
i was the one the one who was always here
fate seeks my soul and it's drawing near
i'd die today if you could forgive me, dear
i said that anything mattered... words
i'd sing you a song i'd love you if i knew how
it's too late to hold or kiss you now
He wont remember were made perfect somehow
"this morning is different" ... words
i look down she's asleep in a place she can smile again
the world will forget her as she disappears to them
i swore i'd love her i'd rather pretend
"all these tears are for you" ... words
with poison within me and everything still
i know now what i have to do (what i never will)
i will lift up my eyes to the hills
promises, promises, promises ... words