Letra de I Know Sumptn
(feat. Poo Bear)

Yo I walk in pimpin when I'm up in here
Pulled up the G ride then I'm up in there
I ain't worried I got mad mo fuckas here
And my advice is stand bay like a buccaneer
I feel good when I walk inside
All eyes on the throne that's NBA live
The A.I. of rap these haters is gon try to shut me down
But I fllyyy hiiiigh
A warning fella gotta keep somethin close
A gutta flow like mine gotta let em know
I'm xxplosive like dre, next episode
Check my bowell baby, this is the mother load
Take off your heels and shake your hair
A nigga like me weavin everywhere
I taste like new money make it clear
Baby tell your friends that we right here

[Chorus: x4]
I know where sumptin is, You don't know where nuttin is

You don't wanna see me shine
Talkin shit on the low
Haters see me in the sky flyin high

[Method Man:]
Who them dudes smellin like trees when we up in here
Straight gilla and killa bees when we up in here
Kush, nigga I keep the weed in a tuppaware
Fuck security we V.I.P. we can puff in here
Niggas know how we do it
I ain't buyin the bar
I'm tryna talk her out her draws, she tryna charge
I ain't tryna ball or spend no money in the club
If I said I was I'd be lyin to y'all
I gotta have it, an addict
Too into fuckin, you other haters discuss it
No more discussin, the head of the house
Is now speakin, the food is ready for eatin
Your head is ready for beatin
I kick your teeth in, don't fuck with Tical
You know a nigga Blackout after a couple beers
Smoke up an ounce and passout like a couple years
And mami doin her thing, she in her underwear
You joinin the team to win, I'll put you under there

[Chorus x4]