Letra de Message From Penny

[Featuring D'Angelo]
[Method Man]
You and I 'til the day we die.. (day we die..)

Yo yo

Ex girlfriend how you been? I see you still

tryin to fuck with other women men remember when

I first met you in my cousin's house a week later

we was fuckin on your momma couch now it's been said

that big girls they don't cry but they damn sure lie

Look you in the eye sayin you they only

You and I, til the day we die, said you'd never

leave me lonely, fly tenderoni but you phony

Shoulda listened when my momma told me, soon as I

turn my back you try to fuck my homies, that was then

this is now I got a new friend, ever since

I cut them loose ends you want to bone me

Add strife to my life, pussy that'll make me think twice

about leavin the wife even, picture that

You ain't want me when you had me, now you on

your third baby daddy, and you hate to see a nigga happy

So you tryin mad ways to trap me, lookin at my girl nasty

Tryin to throw the pussy at me

"Now look at this bitch over here tryin to act like me"

"Uh-huh, fuck that bitch, she must like leftover"


I'm still in love with babe (8X)

[Method Man]

Yo yo

It's always you and your crusty ass crew, be actin new

Let me find out that you fuckin with Boo, and y'all gon' feel it

Waitin for the day that you front, and catch a lump

from my black butterfly, that don't pack a lullaby

Sleep on her, she said you bitches tried to creep on her

in the mall and didn't know she had the reach on her

Pearl-handled twenty-two, my Boo

She go ahead and walk her dogs, and represent Wu

to the fullest, you and hon can shoot the fair one

I'll bring the bullets, knowhatI'msayin? Stop playin

You and them dyke lookin bitches

Actin like y'all jumpin somethin, go 'head with that bullshit


I'm still in love with babe (8X)

[Method Man]

Got tired of the games, the lies, the feeble alibis

Now you fuckin with the next guy, a Thug Nigga

Derelict be actin bugged nigga, show this nigga

mad love but get no love nigga?? Stupid ass

Plus I heard that he be beatin on you, I seen him

at the club cheatin on you, witcha best friend, got you stressin

And used up, pull your shoes up, all you need's affection

but you're headed in the wrong direction

Tryin to make this nigga jealous, with other fellas

All up in my face actin overzealous

Like you want somethin from Meth, I hope it ain't love girl

Cause I ain't got none left for you, plus you miserable

Misery Love Company, shit I'm livin comfortably, don't need no

nigga huntin me down for fuckin round, with his kitty

Talk to him, before my brother put a spark through him

Won't be pretty, the situation got my whole attitude shitty

And got you actin high saditty with your slut committee

You know I know; so go find another sucker yo, I been there

and been done that befo', and don't need it no mo'

That's, my, word! So go to your own with that there, word up

and tell that bighead nigga you run with that you was insane


I'm still in love with babe (8X)