The Riddler (Hide Out Remix) Letra

Method Man

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Letra de The Riddler (Hide Out Remix)
Intro: Yo... Who's afraid of the big bad BAT Who issss the Batman kid? It's me *heh* (I ain't afraid of NUTTIN) Word up let's do it (of NUTTIN) Verse One: I got your mind twisted (twisted) Unrealistic wavelength draining on your brain strip inflicted Crossword puzzling your delf Questioning your own mental health (yeah) it's like a maze within itself (yeah) Check the grimey, slimey, crimey Crim-inim-inal indivi-dual I be Searching for the Dark Knight Lurking in the shadows of the city, he roll with jiggy My rhyme committee, robbing every Gotham piggy bank blinnnnnnnd Take a journey through the mind of a Riddler Chorus: Tax free money not a problem A heist to get the ice not a problem A body for a price not a problem Hmmmmmmm.... it's The Riddler Verse Two: Once again it's the mind bender, three-time felony offender Demented, brain cemented, mixed in the blender I lose ya, mass-confusion, question mark clues in What where why whose-it, QUIZZZ Time to ask yourself who it is Sheisty P.L.O. underhanded biz, invading brothers wigs Can I live Corrupt and bringing all the misery and suffering Pain, you couldn't cure with a Bufferin Rotating, ridiculous, rapid-fire riddles Bat get trapped in the middle of The Riddler Chorus: Murder for the evil not a problem To the gen there is no sequel not a problem (not a problem) Big up to all my people not a problem (not a problem) Hmmmmmmm... it's the Riddler Verse Three: Observe if you will I'm in my hide-out in the back of the hill (of the hill) I crack a wall then I caught about a mil (bout a millll) Co-defendant Johnny Blaze and Bobby Steels (Bobby Steels) We was blazing hardware (hardware) Turn the corner you can hear the wheels squeel *rehrrarrrr* On that ass fast was the Batmobile (Batmobile) I could tell by the demon on the grill, this was real Alley-cat screaming, I hit a trash can Garbage everywhere, money flying out the bags and trying to escape, jiggy with the cape Or else he'd be headed upstate, it's The Riddler Chorus: Talkin homicide, not a problem (that's no problem) You want to talk genocide not a problem (that's no problem) Now if you're speaking genocide not a problem (that's no problem) Hmmmmmmm.... for The Riddler Verse Four: Johnny Blaze, I invest in crime cuz it pays Mad scams, let me count the ways, a crime wave I make a killing, on the first one to point his finger at the villian Who be I, the priiimmmmmme Suspect, crim-inim-inal intellect Robbing banks HAH down to grand theft what we want is it all, every seal on every door, every wallllll Until the jig is called on The Riddler