Letra de Tear It Off
[Redman]Whooooo! Yo yo yo, yo yoHuh.. {*inhales*}..Yo VANGLORIOUSThis is protected, by the Red[Meth] and TICAL[Red] Slap it down[Meth] Way out of bounds[Red] Throw in the towels[Meth] 'fore we gun down[Redman]Yo, flipmodes, toilet bowls explodeWhen Doc, come drop a shitloadGrip fo's, mushrooms, did thoseDee pistolwhip hoes, a bitch owes.... money, bro I stick a zip codeTiptoed, before Doc hit skid rowThirsty? Sniffin out a pig noseMy Benz built with wings and 6-0'sMy flows is, North Pole coldMy hands got areas to fit snowDoc, mixin hoes and disco'sMy dogs, let em walk with ripped clothesShows, niggaz pack six rowsWe're losin him! His heart won't get pulseCrack your backs off a ten percent doseLip closed? I can hum and shit goldChorus: Redman[Meth] Tear the roof off the mother (repeat 8X)Yo, yo tear the roof offYo, yo tear the roof offBack up, don't make me shoot y'allYou don't, want to fuck with us, you don't[Method Man]I gets down, rip sound, with this stick stylePist-al, lick round, get off my dick nowGet crabbed, hostile, you kids is all sound timidScared to get in it, these dogs is Rockwild'Unchained, untamed, you know my nameAct strange, pack flame, it's not a gameJust ill flows, that kills shows, you can feel yoKickin in you do', like a steel toe, for real doeY'all gon' learn, I spit germsWhen you come short on Big Worm, you get burnedPunks don't get turned, they get done, and get sunCome get some, the last vict-im, lie in a ditchNow who wanna fuck with Hot Nikk'Niggas chew gum with they ass and pop shitMe and Funk Doc get, toxicA bowl of rice and some chopsticksGo make your Wu, just impostersChorus[Redman]Try to O.K. Corral with Doc and Meth TicalBar saloon fight, without weapons out (YEE-HAH!!)Strech marks, like belly on Kevin ?Lous?One yard to score, only second downHoes play wifey, wanna settle downTryin to lock cash? Bitch better bounceBoyfriend jump in, Meth shut him downPound to echo loud, bout seven milesDoc, Dirty Jersey hunt em downUncut, rhymes won't even fit the fileBaddest man out the bunch, pick him outDrunk with a gun, miss you hit the crowdSnitches, someone kiss to stitch your mouthWilder then winos on liquor droughtsMrs. Howell, Mary-Ann, dig em outGinger watch, with the gun in Skipper mouthLove Da Ruckus, and love to dish it outPre-washed MC's, start rinsin outGet your whole camp put on the missin filePushin twelve out, bumpin digitalChorus[Method Man]We Just-Ice, men or mice, ain't nuttin nice(Fuck your life) Your type just too light to fightWe move right, on Fright Night, when niggaz biteWe bust pipe, 'pon does that suck tightWe alright, you all hype and all tripeIn the Source with half mic, you half likedand half dead, blasted on flatbedI'm past dead, eyes red, hte hash headBurn somethin, earn somethin and learn somethinTake my turn frontin, Def Jam ain't heard nuttin yetSuspect, ruffnecks, book em DanoYou get bust-ed, never leave home without my mustardTrust this, out for justice, clownAnd caught on Judgement Day, call Joe BrownTake MC's to town if they starboundAshes to ashes, they all fall downMaster you bastards with hazardous tacticsSemi-automatic full rap metal jacketBlasted in plastic your brain on the mattrressAll you kids is ass-backwards and vice-a versaChorus[Redman]Come on, yo tear the roof offNigga, yo tear the roof offBack up, don't make me shoot y'allYou don't, want to fuck with us, you don'tHuh..Yo, you don't want to fuck with us, you don'tYo, you don't want to fuck with us, you don't