Letra de St. Ides
(feat. Wu Tang)

[Method Man:]
Oh Dear, Coming Through with my Shaolin Crew
2 Cents for a case get St. Ides Brew
In the midst of broken bottles and crushed up cans
Methtical's in the jam, Oh how dry I am!

It's with St. Ides in my system
Crack a number unbless, Let's go get the next one
Then get over, the object is to stay sober
Lay on the sofa, better yet, down my shoulder

[Ghostface Killah:]
Call me the Wallabee Champ, stressed out, Could never be son
Richochet daily hit the deli for a cold one
Naturally blessed, yes, my rap is like a laser beam
That pours in the bushes, St. Ides knowledge king

Crack a bottle of the St. Ides, sipping through those
Who don't realize, That drinking it, only to be drunk
You can't drive, peep my peoples collide
And if the saint don't know, you'll fill a can of paint paint

It was hot, on the spot, so I jetted up the block
I saw Ock was in?, I could tell by the docks
On the back, you refill it, Not that ya'll get filleded
Ice cold bottle titled, til my cuppy spill it

Tsss Ahhh... St. Ides (St. Ides)