Letra de A Lil Bit
(feat. Melanie Rutherford)

[Chorus: Melanie Rutherford]
If you like it (a lil' bit) I will give you a (a lil' bit)
If you want it (a lil' bit) you can have some more
Now that you spent it (a lil' bit) you can taste it a (a lil' bit)
If you like it (a lil' bit) you can have some more

[Method Man]
Somebody tell honey I'm good, just like a licorice
Meth got 'em stuck in the hood just like a clitoris
Something like this track from Roc', ya'll, ridiculous
Don't touch her if I'm getting my rocks off, she ticklish
Now if I turn it up, shorty if you got a Dutch then we can burn it up
I ain't the type that need to drink to get his courage up
Half ya'll get a drink and think you murderers

Yo, I know you heard of us, Red & Meth, here take a photo
Walk in serious like Miguel Coto
Pimp in my mojo, swing in my logo
Def Squad, Wu-Tang, that's how I do things
Hit my blunt, baby I see your pussy a lil' bit
That's when I know it's on, it's time to head home
And we kick bitches out, around six in the morning


[Method Man]
O.G. bubblegum, kush burn a bush
See you pussies like to eat out, need to learn to cook
Look, Meth wasn't eating 'em til I learned to juks
Tried to catch something, everytime I work a hook
Now if I crank it up, if I put it in the cup would you drink it up
Ever get caught up in a lie and try to change it up
You got a pocket full of lime, try and blaze it up

When I bust, I sip on that sir, fly to Miami and act up a lil' bit
I know eyes on me, when I count to three
Make believe you was indeed a copied MC
You can smell me a lil' bit, boy, my connect just mailed me a lil' bit
I got that block out of drought, now everybody love me
It's like Beetlejuice, shit gon' get ugly


[Method Man]
I got to be out, at the club door with the key out
Bouncer at the door trynna tell me put the weed out
Honey got her feet out, the dudes coked up looking skied out
Tapped her on the shoulder like let's be out
Now should I speed it up, you know whisper in her ear, skeet skeet it up
Or should I take it to the crib and try to beat it up
A little candlelight and dinner when we need it up

Yo, another one light the dutch, it's Redman, holla bitch
Fuck you, that means she swallowed it
I do double on the turn, you must learn
Like K-R, the A-R, I grip it firm
If they brought hip hop back, sucker MC's be eating a lil' bit
Redman is on fire, so call him quick
You can reach me at 1-800 Eat-A-Dick