No More Silence Letra

Mercy Fall

For The Taken

Letra de No More Silence
Today he enters a room full of questions
Searching for truth/Seek and you will find
Open the doors

Today he enters the room for the last time
To give them one more chance to save him
In his will an opinion of how it should be
But judgement comes before redemption
Leading them on with a statement he made
Provoking reaction but disappointed
Drawing conclusions that came from a man
He's spinning in circles/There's no way to stop him

Love can regain its moments in contradiction
Love can slowly

Teach me to embrace correction/connection
Worshipping it/In its will
Apply it to my life's direction/No more silence

Todeay he enters my mind for the last time
There's only one more chance to save him
He's made my decision/I'm losing my will
I bought what he's selling/I swallowed the pill
Can love reach its potential in silence
Can we all please lose our opinions
Close our hearts to avoid confrontation
He's begging and pleading for someone to stop him

(Thanks to Justin for these lyrics)