Letra de Testify
hey kids, i like this place,
i'm gonna make myself at home
i won first place in the human race and,
i never wanna take it slow

i'm never gonna let no skinny
rat faced little boy
make my decisions, colour my visions,
take away my joy

want some, got some, need a little more
but there's none left in this bed
my page has got no words on it,
because writing them is such a drag

spare me from your bleeding hearts,
spare me from your charm?
and hold back everything you said,
i'm too young to deny

i wanna testify

she holds onto her money,
like it has legs of it's own
10,000 big strong men could never,
take it from her whole

her personality is like,
a sickly sweet perfume
you know she's on her way before,
she walks into a room

i wanna testify

(tell it)

she said
he said
i only want the maximum
i only wanna feel the heat
i had 25 years with my face in the dirt
and now i'm moving to a different beat
oh my pretty baby you got everything you need
but i got plans to steal it all away
and i don't wanna make it bleed.

i wanna testify