Something Tells Me Letra


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Letra de Something Tells Me
you dug a dirty great hole i my heart now babe
you might as well a left me as dead
you didn't even look to see if i was breathing
you laid the sheet straight over my head

isn't it hard to walk with that guilt
haven't you a heavy load???
step out of the big shot feeling baby
before your head explodes

something tells me that it's wrong
to look so far in front
the view is something else
maybe, something tells ya hate me,
when i see ya lately
we're so far ???

well that's what you get, i've come to a conclusion,
when you take second place
it's hard enough being a girl on your own
than playing with a rat in his race

cos being on your own aint all that bad
where the hell would ya rather be?
leaning on some boy to take me back
yeah crawling on ma hands and knees.

yeah i'm getting ??? (i'm heading way down low)
somethings telling me!
telling me!
somethings telling me!

oh oh
(backing vocals i can't make out at all)