Letra de Scared
Verse 1:

Didn't meant to say
what I didn't feel
I hear your voice no more
since you've been gone
since you've been gone
Haven't got much sleep
since the night you flew away
it was a Saturday
feels yesterday
nothing but rain

Chorus 1:

I don't wanna say that I miss you
I don't wanna feel like a fool
I can't stand to
be without you
Every time I cry
I just ask myself why
I can't let go my pride
I'm slowly dying
I'm sick of lying



Don't say that
I'm in love with someone else
Don't tell me that
I lost the love for you
All I wanna hear is
that we'll last forever
till death do us part

Chorus 2:

Didn't wanna say
that I felt so scared
to fall in love with you
didn't meant to
say I love you
say I love you

(Thanks to Yolanda for these lyrics)