Gotta Let U Go Letra

Marian Renta

Junior B

Letra de Gotta Let U Go
Verse 1:

They say true love
never ends
what I felt for you
you'll never understand
You say you have
someone new
but they will never love you
the way that I love you
I love you


Gotta let you go
there's no need to cry these tears
I want you to know that
your love no longer lives here
After all I've done for you
you tore my heart apart
what am I supposed to do
this pain just grows more strong
it just grows more strong

Verse 2:

The love we shared
was meant to be
two hearts that beat as one
the way it should be
but now all of that
is history
my heart has changed
so I've got to let you be
let you be

(Chorus 2x)

(Thanks to Yolanda for these lyrics)