Face Unrecognized Letra

Marian Renta

Junior B

Letra de Face Unrecognized
Before you pick up the rock
to numb away your pain
think about the ride
and if it's worth every grain
'cause to lose your mental freedom
and slowly go insane
amazing how all things can change
never again to be the same
to be the same (to be the same)

In the blink of an eye
you're fighting for your right
to raise your own kids
and to have them in your sight
when all you should have done
was think about it twice
whether dope was the way
to make things all right
and now you're left with shackles on your feet
(with shackles on your feet)
powerless to change what could have been just a dream
tears don't cease to be
it's getting harder to see
reality has taken an absence
all you're left with is ashes
(is ashes)
all you're left with is pain

One day your kid
will reach his prime
he'll begin to wonder why
his childhood seemed
to fly by
and he's left without a mother
to cry to
standing over the grave saying
\"where the fuck were you?\"
(where the fuck were you)

Later in his 30s
he'll be living on the streets
doing what he knows best
running from the D's
One night he'll feel
a presence in the house
and awake to find
a barrel in his mouth
as the tears fall from his eyes
he begins to pray inside
the next day he'll be found in the news
face unrecognized
(face unrecognized)

(Thanks to Yolanda for these lyrics)