Letra de Easy
Verse 1:

When days are short
and nights are long
it's easy to say
something is wrong
when tears come without a reason
it's easy to say all hope is gone
Heavy clouds falling down
when solid answers can't be found
truth has scattered out of sight
you're losing faith in what is right


Easy to cry when your eyes are closed
as you relive the fear all over again
living the life you never chose
becoming eager to see the end

Verse 2:

Individuals surrounding you
awaiting your deadly fall
the growing desire to be alone
wanting to run away from it all
Asking God for understanding
trying to stay optimistic
fall fast and never landing
giving in to what's (easy)



You've gotta find a way
to make a change in your life
the endless battle must come to an end
you've gotta make the sacrifice
Time's cut short
hungry for tomorrow
don't let yourself drown
in a sea of sorrow

(Chorus 2x)

(Thanks to Yolanda for these lyrics)