Letra de Butterfly
Butterfly Video:
If I release it I'll miss it
If I grab her, she'll loose its colors
She doesnt belong to my fingers
She belongs to my fears

and I'll pretend I'm a flower
Try to imagine what she says
Wainting to learn

Right there in the street there's a moon
but she's not yours
at the road side there's nothing
now that pleases you
you're your own world
your own bottom
You're your own well
Your worst lunch
a milligram in the balance
your the mother of that child
yor evil
your good
your the day that never comes

Now stop making sense
Dont you see your steppin off the road
Just see if you stop making sense
You wont see nothing that we'll tell us more the doesnt speak to us

realize my heart still jumps
wants and thinks its able
dont do it inspite of my fears
do it in my fingers
and I'll remain to see if he does
without imagening what I didnt do
wainting to live
in front of the flame there's fame
but it doesnt love you
at nothings side theres no path
and that doesnt please you
You're your own price
your glory
you're your own fear
the nasty part of the story
see the sun still shines
still has fuel to burn
not bad
not great
just reasons to live by

If release it I'll miss it

You're yourself when you are
It's really you when you think your something else
and you might think you're not, but you're really great at being allways
who you really are
Ence your motive cant be erased
your desire impossible to dismiss
pleasure is so changeable
because its value it's unmesurable