Decceitful Vows Letra


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Letra de Decceitful Vows
Do you take this man to be your wedded husband Will you take him in and never shove him over Will you cook and clean, do anything that he says Will you be his slave when you're in his bed Will he run your life and take your pride As you beg for the freedom that he only denies When your mind is led to a mental stage Remember he's your husband, don't give him your rage When you were made up in your long white gown You promised to love him so until you're underground The promise of shit that sent your life Down a one-way road that you obey in silence Is this the same man in which you choose to live The rest of your life with so that you can give All your fucking worth, all that's left of your life Only speak when being spoken to, to avoid a fight Brainwashed by your solemn promise Showing off the ring that you thought would accomplish A life full of peace and endless romance Your heart belongs to him, your love will never end Now he'll slowly take your life away In the house doing chores is where you'll fucking stay Going out to run his errands is considered a privilege Devotion of yourself is now the way you live